Break the chains

When it comes to Meme trading do you really want transactions that cost you $15-$5000? No...we didn't think so!
On the XRPL, Xoge features nearly free transactions all the time.


Plan for mass adoption

Xoge was designed for everyone, from a massive free deployment to creating a community of real value for people.
Xoge has only half the supply of Shiba Inu and twice the fun!


Global deployment in seconds

Xoge is everywhere! and can get anywhere in seconds flat. We do not have slow transactions ever, in fact we have the fastest in the world. Between nearly free, ultra fast and always available, you will never miss a critical trade.


Some walked by

With the best of technology and a great deployment strategy, Xoge has become one of the most recognized tokens on the XRPL. We will always be growing and expanding. Now is a great time to come check out what we have to offer you as a trader in speculations. Some have chosen to sleep on us, we continually prove how awesome a meme can be with explosive charts and having fun while doing it!


Xoge Resources


Xoge can be found on Livecoinwatch.com as well as Sologenic. If you would like to take a look at trading in Xoge, you will need to set a TRUSTLINE and that link is at the top of the page. After that you can trade via: Xumm app dex, Sologenic, Swft, Xrpltoolkit, or an exchange you find us listed on!

Xoge Whitepaper

Did you know: Xoge runs a validator for XRP, is an LLC holder, Is blackholed and unlike most memes is Doxxed!
Who even made Shiba inu?!
Find all this and more in our whitepaper!

Mission Statement:
We aim to win hearts and minds with the lovable MEME Xoge, while delivering excellent technology and partners to end users. You can use Xoge through Chimoney for hundreds of companies, or tip someone directly over twitter with it. We are always working to bring utility and service to our fun. Xoge is a community driven project and we put the users at the forefront of our daily operations. Now enjoy the moon mission we are launching!

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